Take Action



Take action to increase awareness and expand access to emergency contraception (EC)!

1. Get EC if you have had unprotected sex in the past five days. You can use EC if you didn’t use birth control or were late with your regular method; your condom broke or you were forced to have unprotected sex. To get more information on how and where to get EC, check out http://backupyourbirthcontrol.tumblr.com/info.

2. Print and share coupons for Plan B One-Step® and ella.® Use them yourself for discounts on EC, and encourage others to purchase EC in advance so they are prepared in case anything happens. Feel free to share these coupons far and wide!

3. Design and create your own fun image for the EC = BC tumblr! Then share the images from the tumblr with your own social networks. Keep the conversation about EC going!

4. Print out copies of the BUYBC EC Information Sheet and distribute them to members of your community. You can also distribute pharmacy request cards for Plan B One-Step®, Next Choice®, and Levonorgestrel tablets.

5. Join the conversation about EC on Twitter. Follow us at @NIRHealth and @ProChoiceNY, retweet our #ECfacts, and spread the word about EC on the Day of Action using the #ECBC hashtag.

6. Join our online community. Like the Back Up Your Birth Control Page on Facebook and suggest your friends, family, and co-workers do the same.

7. Donate your Facebook status. For one of your status updates, write, “Don’t believe the right-wing hype! Emergency Contraception is a safe, effective way to PREVENT pregnancy AFTER sex. Get more info at www.BackUpYourBirthControl.org

8. Write a blog post about EC. Do you have a blog, tumblr, or some online venue to express your thoughts? Help us dispel the misinformation by clarifying that emergency contraception is a safe and effective form of birth control that prevents pregnancy and will only work if you are not pregnant.

The Back Up Your Birth Control campaign is a project of the National Institute for Reproductive Health.