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The Back Up Your Birth Control campaign aims to expand access to emergency contraception (EC) by combining public education with advocacy and activism around access to EC.

This year, opposition to insurance coverage for birth control, right-wing resistance to the Affordable Care Act, and GOP presidential nominees’ attacks on family planning have created a perfect storm, resulting in the worst attacks on EC we’ve seen in years. The result has been rampant misinformation – much of it deliberate – comparing EC to the abortion pill. Many mainstream media outlets have blindly propagated this misinformation.

The Back Up Your Birth Control Annual Day of Action, on Wednesday, March 28, focused on setting the record straight with the truth about EC. To directly combat the misinformation, this year’s theme was EC=BC, emphasizing that EC is a form of contraception that prevents pregnancy even though it’s taken after sex.

As always, bloggers are essential to keeping the facts straight about EC. Thanks to all the bloggers who helped combat the anti-choice propaganda by setting the record straight about EC:

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Thank you to all who took part in the 10th annual Back Up Your Birth Control campaign by Blogging for EC and joining the social media campaign on March 30, 2011.

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The Back Up Your Birth Control campaign is a project of the National Institute for Reproductive Health.